Visit to Za’atari Refugee Camp

One important objective of the JOVITAL Project is to ease access to higher education in Jordan for disadvantaged learners including inhabitants of rural areas and refugees.

To explore the current situation and design feasible solutions to open up higher education in Jordanian universities, a needs analysis visit to Za’atari Refugee Camp in Mafraq Governorate, north Jordan, was conducted on 26.09.2018.

During the visit, multiple creative ideas were discusses with representatives of UNHCR responsible for education and youth activities in the camp.

JOVITAL Team left the camp with a positive impression and a deep confidence in the ability and willingness of all partners to offer refugees a flexible helpful learning experience at their current location under these temporary difficult circumstances.

We would like to thank all local and international NGOs operating in the camp for their great efforts and express our sincere gratitude in particular to the UNHCR team who gave us insights into life and education situation in the camp.

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