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In the period 2018-2021, the JOVITAL consortium been working to introduce and test Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) in six Jordanian universities, by working on different interrelated dimensions:

  • Teaching and learning practices: identifying best practices, pedagogical approaches, educational resources and ultimately student learning experiences;
  • Academic capacity building: resource management, digital fluency:
  • Cultural aspects: localising ‘state of the art’; awareness of geographical context (rural and urban contexts of Jordan), incentives required to foster changes in practices in a variety of teaching-learning environments.

The following resources have been developed to support local practices:

  • An accredited multi-partner courses has been piloted locally and nationally
  • The Jordanian Virtual Innovative Teaching And Learning Hub (VITAL-Hub) has been created, as a permanent national contact point for capacity building, train the trainer (TTT) activities, and maintenance of the JOVITAL Virtual Community of Practice.
  • Local Virtual Innovative Learning Labs (VILLAs) have been established in the partner universities in Jordan, offering teaching staff and students access to educational technologies and international collaborative learning environments.
  • Mobile Virtual Innovative Learning Labs (Mobile-VILLAs) have been designed as a flexible instrument to ensure nationwide outreach and effective inclusion of marginalised areas and learner groups, especially in rural areas and refugee camps.

The experience of JOVITAL can be replicated in universities in Jordan and in other South Mediterranean countries. If you are interested in implementing Virtual Collabvorative Learnign in your institution by using the JOVITAL approach, you can:

Learn more about JOVITAL

Promote the JOVITAL in your university

  • host a presentation or a workshop about VCL in your institution. You can use the media kit developed by the project, or get in touch with the JOVITAL partners to get support;
  • Implement a pilot of JOVITAL in your university by using the experience of the project partners.

To be part of the JOVITAL experience, get in touch with us!

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