Preliminary report

Needs Analysis Report “Contextualising the state of the art in international online teaching and learning

Impact Evaluation report

Final report on project activity and impact evaluation

Observation visits to EU partners institutions

As part of the Pedagogical and didactical development and training component of the project, Jordanian partners conduct observation visits to EU partner institutions, to observe the teaching practices and technology implementation at the EU partner institution.

Training of Trainers

Learning spaces

Jordanian Virtual Innovative Teaching And Learning Hub. A permanent national contact point for capacity building and know-how transfer through regular awareness raising events, train the trainer (TTT) programme, and maintenance of the implemented staff training platform as a Virtual Community of Practice.

Virtual Innovative Learning Labs. Offering teaching staff and students at each participating HEIs a proper access to modern educational technologies and international collaborative learning environments. “Virtual Innovative Learning LAbs” have been established at each participating Jordanian HEIs and connected to the VITAL-Hub to build-up a national network of ICT-based learning environments for common academic courses and projects.

JOVITAL Position Paper “Virtual Collaborative Learning: a leading approach to achieve high-quality, world-class online learning in Jordanian universities”



JOVITAL press reviews

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