Observation visit to TUD

Jordan Universities visited TU Dresden for JOVITAL observation visit

TU Dresden’s Chair of Wirtschaftsinformatik welcomed nearly 30 representatives of the Jordan Universities PSUT, JUST, TTU, AHU, and GJU for the three-day observation visit. The objective was to show them the innovative teaching and learning concepts of TU Dresden especially in terms of E-Learning.

The agenda included a presentation from Prof. Schoop and Dr. Tawileh about concepts of Project-Based Learning and Virtual Collaborative Learning and its practical implementation in case studies in the virtual classroom. Furthermore, the Jordan guests exchanged their previous project experiences with Mr. Gerhardts from TU Dresden’s European Project Center (EPC) and received valuable input for optimization. In addition, vice dean Prof. Möst and Mr. Klotzsche from the international office presented the structures and initiatives for  internationalization and excellence of TU Dresden. Moreover, vice rector for education and international affairs, Prof. Krauthäuser, welcomed the Jordan guests in a meeting.

The visit was complemented by a guided tour through TU Dresden’s media center, the Saxon State and University Library (SLUB) and the Traveling Innovation Labs and Services (TRAILS) project. As a cultural side event the Jordan guests visited the historical city center of Dresden and the transparent factory of Volkswagen.

The observation visit to the Technische Universität Dresden took place on April 25-27, 2018.




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