First Academic Staff Training on VCL

The first academic staff training in the Project JOVITAL took place on 06-08.12.2018 at Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Amman.

In this interactive training workshop, participants will were introduced to Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) as a learner-centred problem-based teaching approach to modernize teaching and learning practices in Jordanian HEIs and enhance learning outcomes by utilizing online technologies and increasing students engagement and self-regulated learning. Relevant teaching and learning methods and applicable modern educational technologies were discussed in alignment with local needs and priorities. The benefits, requirements, process, and possible challenges of adopting VCL in local context were also explored using an actual example module from current academic programmes.

Twenty two academic staff members from six different disciplines at the five Jordanian consortium partner higher educational institutions participated in the three days intensive workshop.

After on-site training, participants will establish an online community to continue their exchange on the topic, communicate their progress and results, and share knowledge also with non-participant colleagues.

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