Preparatory research and impact assessment

This activity comprised the development of “A Needs Analysis Report Contextualising the State of the Art in International Online Teaching and Learning, with Particular Attention to the Jordanian Case”. It focused on considering international perspectives about key conceptions of online and international learning, with particular emphasis on the Jordanian higher education context. Included in the report was: A country report of Jordan, sharing country demographics as well as contextual higher education practices; Expert perspectives about education and policy for virtual innovative teaching and learning; Analysis and interpretation of institutional and academic survey data from the five Jordanian partners as part of benchmarking and development of an action plan; The detailing of a set of recommendations for capacity building to inform the next stage work packages; and, a Communities of Practice framework, to facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practice in Jordanian higher education institutions. Research studies will accompany further project activities to advise on the achievement of anticipated impact.


Needs analysis report contextualising the state of the art report in international online teaching and learning