Needs Analysis Report

The first JOVITAL activity has involved gathering and analysing data for a needs analysis report contextualising the state of the art in international online teaching and learning, with a particular attention to the Jordanian case.

The Needs Analysis Report begins with a review of the literature considering international perspectives about key conceptions of online and international learning, with particular emphasis on the Jordanian Higher Education (HE) context.

It then presents a country report of Jordan, expert perspectives about education and policy for virtual innovative teaching and learning, and an analysis and interpretation of institutional and academic survey data from the five Jordanian partners as part of benchmarking and development of an action plan.

The report also presents a set of recommendations for capacity building to inform the next stage of JOVITAL, and a Communities of Practice framework, to facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practice in Jordanian HEIs.

Recommendations were categorized under the following five themes:

  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Implementation
  • Collaborative Creation in Communities of Practice
  • Supporting Staff in the Design and Delivery of Virtual Teaching and Learning Practices, including use of Open Educational Resources
  • Enhancing the Quality of Student Learning and the Student Voice
  • Future proofing and engagement with the rest of the world

This Needs Analysis Report was developed by staff at Coventry University as part of the JOVITAL Project in collaboration with JOVITAL partners, who contributed content to inform the report, as well as to experts in the field of Higher Education in Jordan, including the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

Suggested citation

Wimpenny, K., Adefila, A., DeWinter, A. (2018). JOVITAL: A Needs Analysis Report Contextualising the State of the Art in International Online Teaching and Learning, with Particular Attention to the Jordanian Case. Coventry: Coventry University. DOI: 10.18552/jovital/2018/001

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