Final report on project activity and impact evaluation

JOVITAL has offered Jordanian HEIs a chance to explore, implement, and disseminate state of the art academic practices to enhance teaching quality and improve learning outcomes for students. A comprehensive capacity building programme was designed and implemented to facilitate intensive know-how transfer between the consortium members to address the problems of: outdated instructor-centred frontal teaching methods, limited physical academic mobility, and ineffective use of ICT in formal higher education in Jordanian HEIs. Project activities were planned based on solid expertise of European HEIs and extensive research with Jordanian HEIs to achieve the following concrete aims:

  • Introduce and promote learner-centred teaching and learning methodologies
  • Modernise teaching practices in Jordanian HEIs with innovative technologies
  • Augment internationalisation at home with “Virtual Mobility”
  • Create new possibilities to integrate refugees in Jordanian higher education

This executive report serves as a presentation and evaluation of the main project activity and impact since October 2017.


JOVITAL Final report on project activity and impact evaluation