Students Information on Virtual Exchange

Princess Sumaya University for Technology organised in cooperation with JOVITAL project partners a series of information sessions on Virtual Exchange for students of different disciplines at the five Jordanian universities PSUT, TTU, AHU, GJU, and JUST.

Alexander Clauss, Florian Lenk, and Wissam Tawileh from the Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden presented key concepts of Virtual Collabroative Learning, E-Tutoring and Virtual Community Management, and Learning Analytics that are integrated in the JOVITAL project for effective Virtual Mobility as an instrument for internationalisation at home to be introduced at Jordanian HEIs.

This activity aims at extending project’s outreach to the important target groups of students and disadvantaged learners and raise their awareness of potentials and chances offered by modern technologies to extend their educational experience with social learning activities and collaboration with regional and international peers and academics.



Information Session at PSUT on 02.10.2019

Information Session at TTU on 06.10.2019

Information Session at AHU on 06.10.2019

Information Session at GJU on 08.10.2019

Information Session at JUST on 10.10.2019

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