With Disadvantaged Learners in Mafraq

In addition to the five information sessions offered for students at the Jordanian consortium member institutions, Al al-Bayt University organised and hosted on 10.10.2019 an information session for disadvantaged learners from Za’atari Camp for Syrian refugees and low income families in the local community.

The JOVITAL project delegation consisted of three members from the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany and three members from Coventry University in the UK, who wanted to understand educational needs and priorities of this important target group and inform it on the potentials and opportunities offered by the project.

The majority of the forty-two participants are prospective university students who just finished the Jordanian high school and have limited access to local formal higher education due to high tuition fees facing low financial support, logistical limitations, and societal constrains.

Al al-Bayt University is the closest to Za’atari Camp (about 20 km) and offers the AABU Certificate Program of the Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access (Padileia) project, where disadvantaged learners can visit the university campus regularly and have access to qualification activities in basic computer usage and English language skills.

The initiated cooperation between JOVITAL and AABU and working with the UNHCR will allow the partners to achieve synergies that benefit this target group and sustain projects results and impacts.

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