Jordanian Virtual Innovative Teaching And Learning Hub (VITAL-Hub)

Along with the opening of the VILLAs at Jordanian University, a permanent national focal hub was inaugurated at Princess Sumaya for Technology (PSUT): the “Virtual Innovative Teaching And Learning Hub (VITAL-Hub)”.

The permanent national contact point functions as the main hub to virtually connect all the VILLAs and plays a central role for sustainable collaboration between the 5 Jordanian Universities. The VITAL-Hub plays a central role for the maintenance of the implemented staff training platform as a Virtual Community of Practice; supports students’ virtual learning activities and teaching staff training and consultation; hosts awareness events and workshops and will be a reference for cooperation betweenlocal universities, NGOs and CSOs, public authorities, and SMEs in private sector for continuous improvement of higher educational teaching and learning.

Among the activities of the VITAL-Hub, PSUT has planned a training for employees on VCL techniques. Focus of the training will be on how to use common knowledge base and Wikis and share them with technical staff and employees from other universities. The training will integrate VCL and use JOVITAL as a successful example.

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